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Moat Brae
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Annual Pass Membership

Event Start Date: 10/01/2023

Event End Date: 31/12/2023

Location: Moat Brae House

Address: 101 George Street, Dumfries, DG1 1EA

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Unlimited access for 12 months from the date of purchase to The Moat Brae House and the Neverland Discovery Garden.

This includes access to The Garden Takeovers and The Hideout screenings throughout the year.

This excludes any other additional events at Moat Brae.

You must present your ticket at each admission to be scanned. Your ticket will be included in your original email once purchased. No physical ticket is issued. Annual passes must be purchased online.

Please see below for full terms and conditions:

Moat Brae Annual Passes (Adult Annual Pass, Child Annual Pass): Terms and Conditions

By using a Moat Brae Annual Pass you accept these Terms and Conditions of use:

1. The Moat Brae Annual Pass will entitle the holder to unlimited entry to Moat Brae for the validity period (as defined in term 6 below), bar exclusion dates referenced in term 7 below and subject to other closure as outlined in term 8 below.
2. A Moat Brae Annual Pass is only valid at Moat Brae. It will only be valid when it is used and/or presented by the named holder and it is within the validity period (as defined in term 6 below). We reserve the right to request to see personal identification to verify that you are the named holder. In the event we make this request and you cannot comply, we reserve the right to deny entry with the pass until such identification is supplied.
3. Any use or attempted use of a Moat Brae Annual Pass in breach of these Terms or otherwise in breach of Moat Brae’s regulations may result in the Moat Brae Annual Pass being revoked without a refund and/or compensation.
4. For the avoidance of doubt, pass sharing is a breach of these Terms and any attempted use of a Moat Brae Annual Pass by someone other than the named holder, regardless of the reason, will result in access being refused and may result in the Moat Brae Annual Pass being revoked without a refund and/or compensation.
5. Annual Passes are individually issued, non-transferable and cannot be sold or given away to a third party by the named holder.
6. The Moat Brae Annual Pass is valid for 12 months from the date of issue (‘the validity period’). Passes can be purchased at Moat Brae and will be ready to start using instantly once your purchase is complete.
7. The Moat Brae Annual Pass may be used on any day Moat Brae is open to the public. Moat Brae generally closes to the public on Mondays, and between 25 December and the second week in January. Before attending, please check that we are open.
8. Moat Brae reserves the right to close or partially close Moat Brae for any reason, including (but not limited to) special events or private functions, or for technical and/or operational reasons. Before attending, please check that we are open.
9. The Moat Brae Annual Pass does not give access to individual ticketed events at Moat Brae.
10. Visitors under 14 years of age to Moat Brae must be accompanied by an individual aged 18 years of age or over.
11. You must bring your Annual Pass with you to Moat Brae. Photocopies and screenshots of Annual Passes will not be accepted.
12. All Moat Brae Annual Passes remain the property of Moat Brae and can be withdrawn in the event of fraud or misuse, or can be withdrawn from any person whose conduct is deemed to be inappropriate at the absolute discretion of management. Should your pass be withdrawn then you will be provided with details of Moat Brae’s appeals process. Inappropriate conduct includes, but is not limited to allowing a third party to attempt to gain access to Moat Brae with an Annual Pass of which they are not the valid holder. The management of Moat Brae reserves the right to refuse admission for any reason.
13. Failure to present a valid Moat Brae Annual Pass will result in a charge of the applicable admission rate, which will be non-refundable.
14. Refunds are not available in any circumstances. For the avoidance of doubt, the full value or any part value of the Annual Pass will not be refunded if Moat Brae is closed or part-closed during the year.
15. Moat Brae Annual Passes cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offer or voucher.
16. Lost Annual Passes should be reported to Moat Brae immediately.
17. In the event of a lost Annual Pass, Moat will re-issue a replacement pass. Up to two replacement passes can be issued during the validity period. New passes will only be issued at Moat Brae. We reserve the right to apply an administration fee of £10 per Annual Pass for the re-issue of lost passes.
18. By using a Moat Annual Pass, you agree to adhere to any and all regulations currently in force at Moat Brae.

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